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Suntec Office Tower 1 - Level 11

Staff On boarding Form

Facial Recognition / QR Code Access 

To register, please take 5 minutes of your time to fill In the information below.

Section 1:  Personal Details 
Section 2: Facial Recognition Access

Please upload your passport size photo with the following requirements:

  • Picture file name should be name in this format: "full name you provided.jpg" (E.g. AndyTan.jpg)

  • Please name the file accordingly if the system will not be able to recognize your photo and there will be a sync failure.

Please also note the following recommendations

  • Picture format should be either JPEG or JPG

  • Resolution should be 640 x 480 or better

  • Picture size should be between 60 kb to 200 kb (Picture size should not exceed 200 kb)

  • Picture ideally in colour with white background

  • Photo should be clear and not blurred

Passport size requirement.jpg
Upload File here
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