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Suntec Community curate a series of business event and capability talks to support the SMEs and entrepreneurs.


In collaboration with SME Centre@SMCCI, gain insights on building capabilities for sustainability, growth and transformation for your business in this ever-changing business landscape. 

About SME Centre @ SMCCI

As a partner of Enterprise Singapore since 2006, SME Centre @SMCCI works closely with aspiring entrepreneurs and SMEs to help their businesses remain relevant and competitive amidst the backdrop of a challenging global economic landscape.


Our one-stop services include complimentary one-to-one business advisory, group-based upgrading projects and capability-building workshops.


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June Calendar 

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About the Event

Upkeeping good customer experience (CX) across various touchpoints of a business can be time-consuming and costly. Through automation, companies can simplify and streamline often menial and repetitive processes that have a direct impact on how customers interact with and experience a brand.


Join us on 22 June (3pm), to unpack strategies that businesses can adopt to enhance their CX and EX.

About the Speakers 

Siyong Liu

Founder & General Manager @CFB Bots Pte Ltd

Siyong founded CFB Bots with a vision of helping organizations unleash the full potential of their human workforce by making work enjoyable. CFB Bots, a leading advisory and provider of Intelligent Automation solutions in APAC, is on a mission to co-create the Digital Workforce of the future.


Siyong’s personal journey in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) started back in 2016 when he wrote his first UiPath script. As a pioneer in this emerging field, he has had the privilege of having a front seat in the rapid evolution of the RPA market in APAC. A practitioner at heart, he has helped some of the largest enterprises across various industries succeed with automation.


As an adjunct lecturer and speaker, Siyong regularly shares his insights on topics he is passionate about—Digital Transformation, Intelligent Automation, and the Future of Work in this digital-first, automation-first era.

Mohamad Adil Kassim

Business Development Advisor @SME Centre @ SMCCI Pte Ltd

Curious and inquisitive, Adil burns with a hunger for learning and a passion for discovery and building new realities. With over 20 years under his belt in diverse fields such as production engineering, systems & process design/redesign, development and maintenance of large scale government applications in IT consulting, business advisory in SME development advising up to 2000 companies in 2 years in every aspect of business growth and development. 


Tto spearheading the development of tech-driven business models in the Education and training Space, Adil brings with him a melange of pragmatic guile, logical panache, human centricity, multi-disciplinary wisdom, and business savviness.

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