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Suntec Community curate a series of business event and capability talks to support the SMEs and entrepreneurs.


In collaboration with SME Centre@SMCCI, gain insights on building capabilities for sustainability, growth and transformation for your business in this ever-changing business landscape. 

About SME Centre @ SMCCI

As a partner of Enterprise Singapore since 2006, SME Centre @SMCCI works closely with aspiring entrepreneurs and SMEs to help their businesses remain relevant and competitive amidst the backdrop of a challenging global economic landscape.


Our one-stop services include complimentary one-to-one business advisory, group-based upgrading projects and capability-building workshops.


Partner with us today to embark on a journey of growth.

Sep Calendar 

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About the Event

With the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a shift in employers' and employees' attitudes towards work and their workplaces here in Singapore. Proactive human capital management and hybrid working arrangements can drive sustainable success in the future of work.


Join us in our upcoming webinar to understand the impact and implications of past industrial revolutions and COVID-19 on workforce development and learn how you can strengthen your HR in light of challenges faced in the current climate.

About the Speakers 

Daniel Ang

Business Development Advisor @SME Centre @ SMCCI Pte Ltd

Daniel has over a decade of experience in the financial sector and oil & gas industry. He started his career in one of the Big 4 accounting firms in Singapore before transitioning to Investment Banking, where he held various roles managing risk and business performance.


During his tenure with a major player in the oil and gas industry, he led and consulted several local and international projects in trading risk and portfolio management. He joined the SME Centre @SMCCI as a business advisor as he is passionate about helping the SMEs realise their full potential and flourish.


Daniel’s financial background has enabled him to provide SMEs with constructive financial advice and insights to assist them in achieving sustainable business growth.

Dr Koh Tat Suan

CEO @Ori9in Technologies Pte Ltd

Dr Koh started his private practice with Ori9in Pte Ltd, as a registered management consultant after his 40 years in the public sector in 2019. He brings with him a wealth of experience as an engineer, workforce development expert, HR practitioners, corporate planner, and a lifelong learner.


He then started another start-up, Ori9in Technologies Pte Ltd to offer HR Tech solutions to complement his consulting services to his clients. He wants to offer affordable and functional software solutions to support HR professionals and their companies. He believes that companies will succeed when their employees succeed.

Donovan Koh

Head of HR @Livinwall Pte Ltd

Donovan began his career as a practising lawyer before making the switch to entrepreneurship. He has worked in and founded a total of 6 start-ups to date, spanning software, facilities management, corporate secretarial services, HR consulting and HR technology. He has since joined Livinwall Pte Ltd, known as gush in the market, an advanced materials start-up SME.


Donovan oversees HR at gush, currently supporting 60+ staff, and the company has plans to expand internationally whilst growing the local headcount to over 130, over the next few years.

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