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Energy is present in everything - the things we touch, the things we see, as well as crystals and stones. In deep meditation or trance, the energies from crystals can alleviate stress and negative emotions. Find out more about crystal energies and how each specific one can enhance your career and business.

Talk Outline: 

  • What are Crystal Energies

  • What is a Crystal Grid?

  • How does Crystal Grid work?

  • Choosing the right Crystals to work with.

  •  Constructing your Career/Relationship Grid.


Talk Outcome:


  • Understand what Crystal is and its scientific functions.

  • Discover how Crystal can enhance your career and relationship.

  • Learn how to select suitable crystals for your career and relationship.

  • Applying the simple tips to make and create your personal Crystal Grid for career and relationship.

Paul Kek

Co-Founder, Alchemy 

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Paul is the in-house certified Feng Shui Master. Reliable and practical, his methods are known for their ease of implementation. 


Opting for minimal changes yet the maximum influence, Paul updates Feng Shui for the modern climate, ensuring businesses and families their best possible environment for abundance. 

He has shared his expertise internationally, as well as over several radio appearances, and the Master enjoys seeing the tangible results that happen to his clients.

Renaye Chan

Co-Founder, Alchemy 

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Meet co-founder of Alchemy, Renaye. She is a multi-disciplinary consultant who has garnered respect for her work with personal and business clients alike.


A published author and speaker with radio stations both locally as well as abroad, she holds regular columns in several publications, such as Singapore’s Xin Min Daily, Lian He Wan Bao as well as magazine I Weekly and CLEO.


Discover the power of the universe through Renaye's knowledge of the chemical science and speculative philosophies.

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