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Free Food For All Ltd (FFFA) is an IPC status registered non-profit organization that aims to serve and empower our community by addressing the issues of food insecurity and food waste. 


We believe that nobody should be left hungry and that nutritious and sustainable food should be made accessible to everyone. 


To address the incompatibility of food donations with profiles of beneficiairies, FFFA has championed the revolution of food aid in the form of our own Ready To Eat Meals that has no added preservatives, requires no cooking and have long shelf life without the need for refrigeration. 


For the community, by the community - a vision FFFA stands by in our mission to empower individuals from all walks of life. 

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Ready To Eat Meals Campaign for Needy

Ready To Eat Meals Campaign for Needy

Ready To Eat Meals Campaign for Needy

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During this COVID-19, there are elderly who are feeling more isolated than ever, the low-income who are struggling even more than usual to make ends meet with all non-essential services being put to a halt and the homeless who face difficulties finding a resting place. 


Your help is needed to fill their stomach. 

Please feed those who are unable to cook for themselves and do not have the means to afford a freezer.



1. Low Income staying in Rental Units

2. Elderly

3. Non-Ambulant/ Long Term Care

4. Zero or Minimum Family Support

5. Homeless / Rough Sleeping


FFFA will deliver Ready-To-Eat meal pouches which can be easily warmed up in the microwave or blanched in hot water to help last them through the difficult circuit breaker period. Flameless heaters will also be provided to those rough sleepers in need of a warm meal.

Meal pouches menu is as follows:

  • Mutton Porridge

  • Garlic Fried Rice 

  • Sweet Corn Soup

  • Rice Porridge

  • Chicken Porridge

  • Channa Dhal

  • Rice with Lentils

  • Crab Corn Soup

  • Halwa (Suji)


Charity donations are fluctuating but FFFA wishes to double up their efforts because there are more people who are in need of help right now. Your contribution is crucial to help them to continue serving.

Kids Luv It Campaign